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FileNameImporterDialog Class Reference

Inherits Component, LabelListener, and ButtonListener.

Public Member Functions

void setSeparator (String separator)
void fillDataList (SampleImporter::SampleCollection &collection, const int startIndex) const

Detailed Description


You have to specify a seperator character and it divides the file name and shows a FileNamePartComponent for all detected tokens.

You can import and export the panel settings (it copies an XML string into the clipboard so you can do whatever you need to do with it)
to save some time when importing multiple but similar file selections.

Member Function Documentation

void fillDataList ( SampleImporter::SampleCollection &  collection,
const int  startIndex 
) const

Fills the supplied list with the data. Call this function whenever you have set up all token panels.

dataLista reference to an array of SampleImporter::SamplerSoundBasicData which will be filled (it will be cleared automatically.)
startIndexthe offset for the indexes (they will be incremented with each file.
void setSeparator ( String  separator)

set the separator character. Multiple characters are not allowed.

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