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EnvelopeModulator Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for EnvelopeModulator:
Modulator VoiceModulation TimeModulation Processor Modulation Modulation SafeChangeBroadcaster RestorableObject ControlledObject AhdsrEnvelope ModulatorChain SimpleEnvelope TableEnvelope


struct  ModulatorState

Public Member Functions

virtual bool isPlaying (int voiceIndex) const =0
virtual void reset (int voiceIndex)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Modulator
 Modulator (MainController *m, const String &id)
virtual int getNumChildProcessors () const override
virtual void setColour (Colour c)
void setPlotter (Plotter *targetPlotter)
void addValueToPlotter (float v) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Processor
 Processor (MainController *m, const String &id_)
virtual ~Processor ()
virtual ProcessorEditorBodycreateEditor (ProcessorEditor *parentEditor)=0
virtual const Identifier getType () const =0
const Path getSymbol () const
void setSymbol (Path newSymbol)
void setAttribute (int parameterIndex, float newValue, juce::NotificationType notifyEditor)
virtual ProcessorgetChildProcessor (int processorIndex)=0
virtual int getNumInternalChains () const
void enableConsoleOutput (bool shouldBeEnabled)
const String & getId () const
virtual const String getName () const
virtual void setBypassed (bool shouldBeBypassed, NotificationType notifyChangeHandler=dontSendNotification) noexcept
bool isBypassed () const noexcept
double getSampleRate () const
int getBlockSize () const
float getOutputValue () const
float getInputValue () const
void setEditorState (int state, bool isOn, NotificationType notifyView=sendNotification)
bool getEditorState (int state) const
void restoreCompleteEditorState (const XmlElement *storedState)
const Identifier getIdentifierForParameterIndex (int parameterIndex) const
int getNumParameters () const
void setIsOnAir (bool isBeingProcessedInAudioThread)
const CriticalSection & getDummyLockWhenNotOnAir () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SafeChangeBroadcaster
void sendSynchronousChangeMessage ()
void addChangeListener (SafeChangeListener *listener)
void removeChangeListener (SafeChangeListener *listener)
void removeAllChangeListeners ()
void sendChangeMessage (const String &=String())
void sendAllocationFreeChangeMessage ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ControlledObject
 ControlledObject (MainController *m)
const MainControllergetMainController () const noexcept
MainControllergetMainController () noexcept
- Public Member Functions inherited from Modulation
Mode getMode () const noexcept
float calcIntensityValue (float calculatedModulationValue) const noexcept
void applyModulationValue (float calculatedModulationValue, float &destinationValue) const noexcept
void setIntensity (float newIntensity) noexcept
void setIntensityFromSlider (float sliderValue) noexcept
virtual float getIntensity () const noexcept
float getDisplayIntensity () const noexcept
- Public Member Functions inherited from TimeModulation
virtual void renderNextBlock (AudioSampleBuffer &buffer, int startSample, int numSamples)
virtual void calculateBlock (int startSample, int numSamples)=0
virtual void applyTimeModulation (AudioSampleBuffer &buffer, int startIndex, int samplesToCopy)
virtual const float * getCalculatedValues (int)

Protected Member Functions

virtual ModulatorStatecreateSubclassedState (int) const =0
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Processor
void setOutputValue (float newValue)
void setInputValue (float newValue, NotificationType notify=sendNotification)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TimeModulation
virtual void prepareToModulate (double, int samplesPerBlock)
virtual bool isInitialized ()
void applyGainModulation (float *calculatedModulationValues, float *destinationValues, float fixedIntensity, int numValues) const noexcept
void applyGainModulation (float *calculatedModulationValues, float *destinationValues, float fixedIntensity, float *intensityValues, int numValues) const noexcept
void applyPitchModulation (float *calculatedModulationValues, float *destinationValues, float fixedIntensity, float *intensityValues, int numValues) const noexcept
void applyPitchModulation (float *calculatedModulationValues, float *destinationValues, float fixedIntensity, int numValues) const noexcept

Protected Attributes

OwnedArray< ModulatorStatestates

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Processor
enum  SpecialParameters
enum  InternalChains
- Public Types inherited from Modulation
enum  Mode { GainMode = 0, PitchMode }

Detailed Description

A EnvelopeModulator is a base class for all envelope-type modulators.

It is basically a TimeVariantModulator with two additional features:

  1. Polyphony - multiple states are allowed. See ModulatorStates for more information.
  2. Release Trail - prevent note from stopping until the release phase is finished.

Member Function Documentation

virtual ModulatorState* createSubclassedState ( int  ) const
protectedpure virtual

Overwrite this method and return a newly created ModulatorState of the desired subclass. It will be owned by the Modulator.

virtual bool isPlaying ( int  voiceIndex) const
pure virtual

Checks if the Envelope is active for the given voice. Overwrite this and return true as long as you want the envelope to sound.

Implemented in TableEnvelope, ModulatorChain, and AhdsrEnvelope.

virtual void reset ( int  voiceIndex)

Overwrite this to reset the envelope. If you want to have the display resetted, call this method from your subclass.

Reimplemented in ModulatorChain.

Member Data Documentation

OwnedArray<ModulatorState> states

Use this array to access the state.

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