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ControlledObject Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ControlledObject:
Processor EffectProcessor MidiProcessor Modulator ModulatorSynth MasterEffectProcessor MonophonicEffectProcessor VoiceEffectProcessor MidiDelay MidiProcessorChain SampleRaster ScriptBaseMidiProcessor Transposer EnvelopeModulator TimeVariantModulator VoiceStartModulator ModulatorSampler ModulatorSynthChain ModulatorSynthGroup

Public Member Functions

 ControlledObject (MainController *m)
const MainControllergetMainController () const noexcept
MainControllergetMainController () noexcept

Detailed Description

A base class for all objects that need access to a MainController.

If you want to have access to the main controller object, derive the class from this object and pass a pointer to the MainController instance in the constructor.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Creates a new ControlledObject. The MainController must be supplied.

Member Function Documentation

const MainController* getMainController ( ) const

Provides read-only access to the main controller.

MainController* getMainController ( )

Provides write access to the main controller. Use this if you want to make changes.

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