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BackendProcessor Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for BackendProcessor:
PluginParameterAudioProcessor MainController GlobalScriptCompileBroadcaster ThreadWithQuasiModalProgressWindow::Holder

Public Member Functions

void setParameter (int index, float newValue) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from PluginParameterAudioProcessor
 PluginParameterAudioProcessor (const String &name_="Untitled")
- Public Member Functions inherited from MainController
void compileAllScripts ()
void allNotesOff ()
void beginParameterChangeGesture (int index)
void endParameterChangeGesture (int index)
void setPluginParameter (int index, float newValue)
double getUptime () const noexcept
double getBpm () const noexcept
void skin (Component &c)
void addTempoListener (TempoListener *t)
void removeTempoListener (TempoListener *t)
void setGlobalVariable (int index, var newVariable)
var getGlobalVariable (int index) const
float getCpuUsage () const
int getNumActiveVoices () const
void setGlobalPitchFactor (double pitchFactorInSemiTones)
double getGlobalPitchFactor () const
double getGlobalPitchFactorSemiTones () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from GlobalScriptCompileBroadcaster
void sendScriptCompileMessage (JavascriptProcessor *processorThatWasCompiled)
void addScriptListener (GlobalScriptCompileListener *listener, bool insertAtBeginning=false)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MainController
static ProcessorcreateProcessor (FactoryType *FactoryTypeToUse, const Identifier &typeName, const String &id)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MainController
void setBpm (double bpm_)
void checkAllNotesOff ()

Detailed Description

This is the main audio processor for the backend application.

It connects to a BackendProcessorEditor and has extensive development features.

It is a wrapper for all plugin types and provides 8 parameters for the macro controls. It also acts as global MainController to allow every child object to get / set certain global information

Member Function Documentation

void setParameter ( int  index,
float  newValue 

sets the PluginParameter value.

This method uses the 0.0-1.0 range to ensure compatibility with hosts. A more user friendly but slower function for GUI handling etc. is setParameterConverted()

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