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AudioDisplayComponent Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for AudioDisplayComponent:
AudioSampleBufferComponent SamplerSoundWaveform


class  Listener
class  SampleArea

Public Member Functions

void drawPlaybackBar (Graphics &g)
void setPlaybackPosition (double normalizedPlaybackPosition)
virtual ~AudioDisplayComponent ()
void addAreaListener (Listener *l)
virtual void updateRanges (SampleArea *areaToSkip=nullptr)=0
void setCurrentArea (SampleArea *area)
void drawWaveForm (Graphics &g)

Detailed Description

An AudioDisplayComponent displays the content of audio data and has some areas that can be dragged and send a change message on Mouse up

You can create subclasses of this component and populate it with some SampleArea objects (you can nest them if desired)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~AudioDisplayComponent ( )

Removes all listeners.

Member Function Documentation

void addAreaListener ( Listener l)

Adds an AreaListener that will be informed whenever a Area was dragged.

void drawPlaybackBar ( Graphics &  g)

draws a vertical ruler to display the current playing position.

void drawWaveForm ( Graphics &  g)

draws the waveform of the audio data

It draws the deactivated region more transparent than the activated region.

void setCurrentArea ( SampleArea area)

Sets the current Area .

void setPlaybackPosition ( double  normalizedPlaybackPosition)

Sets the playback position for (0 ... PlayArea::numSamples)

If you need this functionality, use a timer callback to call this periodically.

virtual void updateRanges ( SampleArea areaToSkip = nullptr)
pure virtual

Overwrite this method and update the ranges of all SampleAreas of the AudioDisplayComponent.

Remember to call refreshSampleAreaBounds() at the end of your method.<w

Implemented in SamplerSoundWaveform.

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