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ActivityLedPanel Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ActivityLedPanel:
FloatingTileContent ObjectWithDefaultProperties

Public Member Functions

 ActivityLedPanel (FloatingTile *parent)
- Public Member Functions inherited from FloatingTileContent
FloatingTile * getParentShell ()
void setCustomTitle (String newCustomTitle)
String getCustomTitle () const
void setDynamicTitle (const String &newDynamicTitle)
String getBestTitle () const
virtual bool showTitleInPresentationMode () const
virtual void siblingAmountChanged ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ObjectWithDefaultProperties
void resetObject (DynamicObject *objectToClear)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from FloatingTileContent
 FloatingTileContent (FloatingTile *parent_)
virtual int getFixedWidth () const
virtual int getFixedHeight () const

Detailed Description

A LED that will light up when an MIDI message was received.

Member Enumeration Documentation


The image for the On state. Use the same syntax as you when loading images via scripting: {PROJECT_FOLDER}image.png


The image for the Off state.


Specifies whether the MIDI label should be shown.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ActivityLedPanel ( FloatingTile *  parent)

Type-ID: TypeID


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Used base properties

ID Description
ColourData::textColour the text colour
ColourData::bgColour the background colour
ColourData::itemColour1 the first item colour
Font the font
FontSize the font size

Example JSON

``` const var data = {EXAMPLE_JSON}; ```

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